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If you're looking for your best position. If you're looking for optimal, not general. If you want to perform your very best whether your looking for a Championship, or simply want to ride with more comfort and speed. Then you're looking for an Ero Sports bike fit.

Who We Are

ERO Sports is an industry leader in Bike Fit and Aerodynamic Testing
This ain't no bike shop bike fit! Ero (pronouced "aero") Sports is one of the top bike fit studios in the world. Cyclists and Triathletes come to us to find their optimal position, not some generic position a bike shop will place you in. From World and Olympic Champions, to age group atheltes looking to get more comfortable and poweful on their bikes, no one has enjoyed the success Ero has seen with our clients. It's what we do.

Ero is also an industry leader in aerodynamic testing influencing product design, positioning, and equipment choice for the very best in the world. Utilzing both wind tunnel and Alphamantis technologies, there's simply no one in North America with more experience testing athletes and equipment.

Lastly, Ero fits more women than anyone in the world. In fact, over half our clients are women. We understand the unique issues women face. It's not supposed to hurt!

Brandon McNulty - World Time Trial Champion

"I just got done at the wind tunnel with my team and they said my position was spot on and I have some of the lowest drag numbers they've seen so I just wanted to thank you for being awesome at what you do and getting me set up so well!"

Rafael Galvan

"Can't say enough good things about Jim Manton. Prior to seeing Jim I couldn't stand being in aero on my TT bike for more than 30 min, first long ride after my fit with Jim and I comfortably pulled a 4hr ride. I was able to carry a higher power average by about 20 watts!"

Danielle Lyons Turrentine

"Jim Manton is not only an amazing bike fitter, but an amazing human as well. I can honestly say I felt like I was in company of a life long friend during my entire session. I just did 25 miles today after my fit and it felt like I was in a different body on a completely different bike. I can't give enough accolades to Jim!!!!"

Our Team

Only the best get to be part of ERO
Jim Manton
Jim Manton

Jim Manton

The founder and owner of ERO Sports, Jim has been deemed "One of the premier fitters in the world" by Slowtwitch.com, and as of 2019, has 19 Elite World Champions in Time Trial, Road, Track, and Mountain Bike to his credit including current World Time Trial Champion, Chloe Dygert. Every year, articles in Velonews, Cyclingnews, BIkeRadar, Triathlete, and numerous other publications feature Jim as a leading expert in fitting and cycling aerodynamics. All ERO fitters are personally trained and overseen by Jim, and no one worldwide conducts more bike fits. Over 70% of Jim's fits are for triathletes of all levels, and Jim is also known for fitting more women than anyone in the world. In fact, over half of ERO's clients are women.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: 855-243-8376
Missy Erickson
Missy Erickson

Missy Erickson

Owner - ERO Pennsylvania
Missy Erickson is the Head Fit Specialist and Aerodynamic Engineer at ERO Pennsylvania. Along with being a multi-time National Cycling Champion and member of the 2016 Olympic Long Team, she also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: 855-243-8376

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ERO Sports has two locations: Los Angeles, California & Mertztown, Pennsylvania.
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