Road Bike Fit

Road Fit

Utilizing Retul 3D Motion Capture, we fit road bike riders from around the world. From absolute beginners, to World and Grand Tour Champions, we've honed our skills conducting thousands of fits, and understand what works, and what does not. Like other bike fits we do, when you're fit to your road bike at ERO, it's not a generic position we're after, it's your absolute best position that we're out to find.

A balanced, comfortable, athletic, and powerful position is what every rider needs. What it takes to achieve that position is different for everyone, and the best way to attain it is by a dynamic fitting process. Your fit will include several position adjustments as you pedal your bike. This allows us to assess your bio-mechanics as each change occurs; we evaluate how your body re-acts to the changes while you pedal, and measure those changes while you pedal. "While you pedal" is important because static measurements simply cannot identify exactly what your body is doing while you're pedaling your bike. We even alter the amount of resistance as you pedal to see how your body reacts to the added workload. All of this helps us to find the "perfect spot" where body and machine work in unison. It's great feeling. After all, riding a bike should feel good!

Road Bike Fit: $295

  • Physical Assessment
  • Foot Structure Analysis
  • Cleat & Shoe Analysis
  • Initial 3D Motion Capture & Bike Fit Assessment
  • Dynamic Fit Adjustments
  • Post-Adjustment 3D Motion Capture
  • Post-Fit Digital Bike Scan
  • Comprehensive Post-Fit Reports
  • Two Follow-Up Visits within 45 days of the original appointment

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