Track-Specific Fit

Track Fit

It's probably not a surprise to you that ERO is about as experienced as it gets when it comes to track fitting.  Our location alone, inside the only international-level velodrome in North America, would likely assure you we know what we're doing.  But how about the fact we fit some of the best track cyclists in the world?  Jim Manton is fitter to the two-time World Champion U.S. Women's Pursuit Team, and Missy Erickson is a multi-time U.S. National Champion and World Cup Medalist in Spints. World Champions, Olympic medalists, National Champions, age group World and National Champions - all come to ERO for our expertise.  From all that track-specific work, we've learned a few things.


The first thing we know about track fit is that it can't only be conducted in the fit studio.  There's simply no way you can replicate the efforts you typically see on the track on a stationary trainer or fit bike.  You can begin the fit that way, but positioning must be fine-tuned down on the track, and that's just what we do.  Your initial position is evaluated and adjusted in the fit studio, but then we move down on to the track and adjust your position as you complete laps "on the boards."  There's really no better way to conduct a track fit, and we have the necessary equipment, location, and expertise to make sure your performing optimally.


Races on the velodrome can sometimes come down to hundredths, or even thousandths, of a second.  For this reason, aerodynamics are absolutely key to your best performance.  There's no one, and we mean, no one, in the US who posses the aero testing technology that we do.  Utilizing Alphamantis' Track Aero System, we can measure your CdA (Coefficient of Drag) in real-time as you ride your bike on the boards.

Track Specific Fit: $295

  • Physical Assessment
  • Foot Structure Analysis
  • Cleat & Shoe Analysis
  • Initial 3D Motion Capture & Bike Fit Assessment
  • Dynamic Fit Adjustments
  • Post-Adjustment 3D Motion Capture
  • Post-Fit Digital Bike Scan
  • Comprehensive Post-Fit Reports
  • On-track adjustments**
  • Two Follow-Up Visits within 45 days of the original appointment

**Dependent on track availability and certification of rider.

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