Contact ERO - 1-855-2-GET-ERO

ERO Sports has 3 locations:

  1. ERO LA is located inside the VELO Sports Center (aka LA Velodrome), a US Olympic Training Site, on the campus of The StubHub! Center.
  2. ERO Long Beach is located inside the Velo Pacific bike shop in the Naples area of Long Beach.
  3. ERO Pennsylvania is located in Mertztown, Pennsylvania.

Addresses to each location are in the column to the right. Specific directions to the Main FIt Studio at the Velodrome are below.

Once Inside The StubHub Center

After turning on to The StubHub Center Campus, follow these directions:

  • As you turn on to The StubHub Center campus, you drive through the open gates up a hill to a stop sign.
  • At the stop sign, turn right (there may be an attendant present at the booth, you can tell them you're going to the Velodrome - they're always nice and can help with directions if needed)
  • After turning right, you'll pass through the US Tennis Association Training Center (tennis courts on both sides).  The road veers left and soon you'll come to a fork in the road.  There's a sign pointing to Parking Lot 16 and the Velodrome.  It says you should turn right and it's not lying...turn right!
  • After turning right at the fork, the road will, again, veer left and you'll see a big building on the right -- This is the VELO Sports Center.
  • Just past the Velodome is Parking Lot 16.  Park in this lot and come on inside with your gear.
  • If there's a VELO Sports Center employee at the front desk, please stop and sign the waiver.  If no one is there, we have waivers at the fit studio inside.