Pre-Purchase Bike Fit

One of our most popular services, the Pre-Purchase Bike Fit allows you to know exactly which bikes fit your optimized position before you buy, so you don't make the mistake of purchasing a bike that's wrong for you.

As bikes become more complex, more aero, and have more proprietary componentry, knowing your exact fit before you purchase is absolutely necessary. Traditional bike shops are, by their very nature, biased towards the brands they sell and what they have in stock; their job is to sell you what they have. In some cases, they're contractually obligated to do so! ERO, besides being positioned as one of the world's top fitters, is un-biased because we're not a dealer. We have nothing in stock we need to sell you, no loyalties or contracts to uphold. Our job is to find the bikes that allow you to achieve your best position, recommend them to you, and then set you up on them once you've made your purchase. It's all about you, not about sales profit. Here's how it works:

  1. The process begins with You coming in and being fit on our dynamically adjustable fit bike. Multiple positions are considered in order to determine what is optimal for you. As with all our fits, this is not a generic position we put everyone in, it's personal to you and how your body wants to work.
  2. After your initial fit, we provide a list of bikes that fit you cutting through all the confusing measurements each manufacturer provides, and often include our thoughts on which bikes might be better than others, or which components might need to be switched out after purchase.
  3. Once you've made your puchase, you bring the bike back to us, and we dial you in to make sure the position we found on the fit bike matches your new bike.

All of the above is included in the price of your fit and, as always, we'll thoroughly explain why certain bikes fit, and why others might not. All of this advice is un-biased and free from any sales pitch.

Recently, the cycling industry has taken note of our unique approach to bike purchases, and many manufacturers now offer bikes direct to our clients. We facilitate the purchase for you, they send the bike to us for build-out, and we fit it to you when you pick it up! Pretty cool, yes? In some cases, your fit and even aero testing, should you want it, is paid for you! Again, it's all about you and getting the right bike for you dialed in and ready to perform. No headaches, no misleading sales pitches...we'll take care of everything.