One of the most important things we've learned through aero testing is that the way you ride your bike while it's being held still in a trainer is not the way you ride it on the road; your interaction with your bike while actually riding outside cannot be completely simulated inside the fit studio. For example, how many of you feel quite a bit different completing a workout session on an indoor trainer as opposed to doing the same effort outside? We understand it's different, so we decided to create our Ride-A-Long service - we ride with you on the road, and make adjustments for comfort and optimization in the field.

Fit Adjustments

It helps us a great deal to watch you ride your bike outside. Little things you don't do in the fit studio suddenly become very apparent on the road. Riding in the elements such as wind and/or heat will certainly have an effect on you, and we get to observe you deal with them. Also, your position might be great for the first hour or two, but then little nagging discomforts become much bigger issues later on in your ride. Those are the times we want to see you...not during the first ten minutes of your ride; we want to know what you're doing 2, 3, or even 5 hours into that long workout your coach prescribed. Adjustments we make at those times might seem small, but can make a world of difference to your overall performance.

Aero Adjustments

There are other advantages to the Ride-A-Long service. For instance, through all our aero testing, we've developed an eye for what are and aren't good aero practices. Again, riding with you outside allows us to make suggestions, or try adjustments or even equipment to give you that aerodynamic edge for your fastest bike split. You get to take full advantage of our aero knowledge!

Ride Advice/Technique

Also, with all our experience working with the top athletes in both cycling and multi-sport, we've learned a trick or two the pro's use to get the best out of themselves. Watching you ride under various conditions can allow us to identify areas of weakness, and provide insight to help you become a stronger, smarter, and more efficient cyclist.

Here's how Ride-A-Long works:

  • Ride-A-Long's are currently conducted out of Windrow Park in Irvine, Ca.* Adjacent to Windrow is a well-maintained bike trail. The Ride-A-Long service is offered by ERO owner, Jim Manton, though it is not a pre-requisite to have been fit by him. It is important that you've previously been fit by an ERO Sports fitter.
  • We ride (along) with you, observing your position, technique, and setup. Along the way, we may signal you to stop on the side of the road so we can make adjustments to your position, try a new piece of equipment, or just simply to give you a little advice.
  • After each adjustment, the ride is continued so we can evaluate the changes we've made.
  • It's helpful to ride for awhile prior to your appointment. If there are specific issues you wish us to address, spending time on your bike will likely activate the symptom so it can be effectively addressed.
*It's possible to schedule a Ride-A-Long at a different location; however, additional charges will apply. Please contact us for details.

Rate: $75 per hour