Time Trial Fit

Speed is your friend; the clock...your enemy.  When you race time trials, it a clich√© to say every second counts, but that's only because its true.  At ERO, we not only have a unique understanding of how important it is to be able to ride fast, we have the exclusive knowledge of what it takes to squeeze absolutely everything out of your position - to make you both powerful and aerodynamic.  No one has the knowledge we do, because no one has the technology we possess combined with the experience we've gained by working with the absolute best time trial specialists in the world.

The key to a great TT fit is to find the position which provides the ultimate aerodynamic advantage while maintaining the ability to produce maximum power.  Accomplish that, and you'll see your best results. Utilizing Retul 3D Motion Capture and a dynamic fit bike, we find the optimal time trial position unique to you. Not a generic position...your absolute best position.

Time Trial Fit: $275 

  • Physical Assessment
  • Foot Structure Analysis
  • Cleat & Shoe Analysis
  • Initial 3D Motion Capture & Bike Fit Assessment
  • Dynamic Fit Adjustments
  • Post-Adjustment 3D Motion Capture
  • Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
  • Post-Fit Digital Bike Scan
  • Comprehensive Post-Fit Reports
  • Two Follow-Up Visits within 45 days of the original appointment