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Welcome to Insight

If one picture can speak a thousand words, one aero test will cause us to ask a thousand questions. The more we test, the more we learn. The more we test, the more quesitons we have.

You have questions, too. The public's appetitie for aero information is insatiable, and we thought it would be a good idea to provide you all the information we have in an easy-to-digest format. Beyond posting our current data, we decided it would be great to begin testing independently so you the consumer wouldn't have to rely on manufacturer-produced aero data. Our desire is to become a source of truly objective data. Great idea, right? Well, there you go...ERO Insight.

With ERO Insight, we want to answer as many questions as we can for you, but we're actually shooting for more. We want to explore and discover not only what works, but why it works. Why might something work for one person, but not another? Why does testing the same thing over and over again yield different results? How should you set up specific gear to take full advantage of it's aero properties? We'll give you what we think are the answers, but we'll want to hear your ideas, too. In fact, we'll want you to participate in the testing right along with us. Whether it's helping direct both what we test and how we test, or participating in the tests themselves, we want members of ERO Insight to be participants in the process.

What you see here is really a crude beginning. What we want this to become is not just a set of articles, but also a searchable database of test results. It will take significant effort and time to get it there, but it should also be fun and a great learning experience for us all; we're learning right along with you. It won't always be a serious endeavour...we'll play a lot along the way, and not forget to laugh at our geeky selves because, seriously, we're not solving many of the world's problems here.

You'll notice there's an ability to post comments or questions at the end of every article. We don't want to create a new forum, but we definitely want some back and foth. Comments, questions, new ideas, criticism - all are welcome as long as it's civil.

Testing will be conducted primarliy using technology provided by Alphamantis, but we'll also be making quarterly visits to the wind tunnel in order to test for yaw. In the end, our desire is to be the "go to" source for all things aero when it comes to cycling & multisport. A place to escape the marketing and get a bottom line answer.


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